Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar

Associate Professor

Dept. of Chemical Engineering

IIT Hyderabad

Industrial Bioprocess and Bio-prospecting Laboratory (IBBL) is one of the developing research laboratories at IITH. IBBL research works on the basic enzyme production which can be used as high value-added therapeutic and industrial biochemicals. 

IBBL also works on Enzymatic Biodiesel production, high cell density edible mushrooms and Biosensor studies.

Latest Publications
-Team IBBL




  1. Production of high cell density edible mushroom using Submerged Fermentation. SERB/CHE/F133/2018-19/G192

  2. Semi-Pilot Scale Production of Lipase by Solid-State Fermentation (SSF) For Transesterification of Biodiesel Analysis. ECR/2017/000241 (2017-2020)

  3. Principle Investigator: Production Engineering of Glutaminase Free L-asparaginase by SSF and SmF Using Novel Asparagine rich Agricultural Waste and Product Characterization as Anti-Leukaemic Agent. SERB-DST No. SB/EMEQ-048/2014 (2014-2018)

  4. Principle Investigator: Semi-Pilot Scale Comparative Studies on Lipase Production by Solid State fermentation (SSF) and Sub-Merged Fermentation (SmF).Seed Grant IIT Hyderabad (2014-2016)

  5. Co-Investigator: Rapid grant submission for young investigators (RGYI): Cost-effective novel metal oxide doped TiO2 for Tissue Regenerative Engineering. DBT-Govt of India.Project Code: BT/PR13243/GBD/27/227/2009. (2010-2013)


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